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About RGTI - Commercial and Medical Construction Contractors

RG Tate and Associates, Inc. is a locally owned and operated commercial general contractor specializing in interior finish construction and small ground up projects. Since it’s inception in 1989, RGTI has grown into a closely knit team of committed professionals who work together in extraordinary ways to deliver quality, cost effective projects.

Our company philosophy of construction management is built on the foundation of integrity and upon eight pillars of strength—customer satisfaction, team building, quality control, expertise, safety program, budget management, schedule adherence, and efficient closeout.

Learn more about these eight pillars of strength.

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Our Eight Pillars of Strength

The Foundation

lives by the time tested lesson to do business with clients with the same integrity we would expect from others and, therefore, steadfastly adhere to high moral principals and professional standards. We believe this principal is the cornerstone to building character, trust, and lasting relationships. It is the foundation to every project and relationship.