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Eight Pillars of Strength at RGTI Commercial Contractors

Budget Management
Project budget and schedule management is vital to the project success and our clients’ bottom line. We understand surprises are costly and timely and they are targeted and eliminated up front. Our approach is to address budgetary issues as a team prior to project startup so we strive to resolve any issues that affect budget at a time before it becomes a change order and affects schedule. It is our goal to identify as many of these elements of surprise timely so each project starts smoothly and proceeds that way. Our clients get the most for their dollar with RGTI and at the end of the project, it is clear and evident how this unique way of doing business in the construction industry pays off.

Schedule Control
Today, extremely demanding schedules and difficult conditions of renovations are the norm instead of the exception. The RGTI team takes pride in creating and maintaining schedules that effectively allow for the flow of work and materials while maximizing efficiency. The RGTI team works closely with each team member throughout all phases of the project, successfully planning and coordinating scope, time, personnel and materials so that every project is delivered on time and within budget.

Safety Programs
RGTI takes rigid steps to ensure safety on all projects. A vigilant safety program consists of many internal standards and OSHA requirements and are implemented and monitored by an internal safety officer and management personnel in order to achieve a safe work environment. RGTI consistently meets our goal to send all workers home every day without injury to the families that depend on them while protecting the public. RGTI takes this responsibility seriously and our safety record is proof.

Quality Control
Clients can be assured that they will receive a project that will be of the highest quality achieved through RGTI's benchmark quality control program. We work with skilled, experienced tradesmen, who have established a record of first-rate performance and building processes are continuously monitored throughout construction by establishing benchmark standards of excellence and accepting no less. Our team members further the depth of expertise by keeping up with changes in the marketplace and new methods and procedures. Our attention to detail and ability to maintain the edge of changing information has proven to our clients time and time again that we deliver a project that adheres to high standards of quality and design.

Team Building
The team members and our clients are many—building owners, architects, designers, engineers, end-users, construction managers, subcontractors, suppliers, government regulatory agencies, and financial officers—and more. RGTI understands the importance of working effectively with each member so the project benefits from the strengths of the individuals enhanced by the effectiveness of the team. Identifying project goals and establishing clear communication is critical, and RGTI relies heavily on technology to bring it all together. The team approach to construction is an essential pillar of the process that is a necessity from the beginning, and RGTI is the essential building block that takes total responsibility for managing the complex logistics of each construction project.

Each RGTI project team collectively has over a century of experience and education in many different facets of construction systems and design and is reflected in each project. The complexities and depth of local and federal codes, including specialty areas such as office and healthcare, and the interpretation thereof are keenly understood and implemented. An impeccable reputation of trustworthiness, knowledge and ability to perform at high levels of expectation is valued by local authorities when RGTI is on the job and this relationship awards owners the benefit of quicker schedules and economical cost.

Customer Satisfaction
RGTI does not believe customer satisfaction is a philosophy lost in the past—it is integral in each and every project which our clients will testify—and it is our project within each project. The team at RGTI works closely with each client and through each stage of construction to ensure complete satisfaction with every step of the project, from budget through completion.

Efficient Closeout

Closeout of a project is challenging and nonetheless important than the other critical phases of a project. Getting all the loose ends wrapped up and off the job timely while still paying attention to the details and last minute additions of the occupants are a priority. The RGTI team assists our clients by making their project ready with the smoothest possible transition to the very end.

RG Tate & ASsociates, Inc. builds a strong team in order to construct an excellent project on the strength of integrity and work unlike anyone else.

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